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Yoga exercises in Berlin: Individual authentic Yoga and Meditation

In classical Ayurveda medicine, Yoga exercises, including Meditation, are always part of the holistic ayurvedic treatment.

In my practice I offer personal lessons with the advantage, that I can specifically work with your personal needs and physical and mental condition as part of the Ayurvedic treatment. My individual authentic Yoga exercises in Berlin and Meditation help you to get physical and mental strength, but also to gain higher consciousness and access to self healing. If you just like to optimize your Yoga and Meditation practice feel free to contact me as well.

The spectrum of my individual Yoga lessons is very extensive and ranges from practicing Asanas (practical Yoga exercises) and yogic mental techniques for relaxation to deep meditation. In Yogatherapy I will show you exercises and techniques to activate your self-healing power. I will also explain, which ways of thinking habits and behavior support your health and inner growth and expand your consciousness. This knowledge from Yoga philosophy helps you to let go of behavior and thought patterns, that make you sick or cause fear. I also offer Vedic coaching in Berlin, which focuses on your destiny in life regarding your private or professional life. 

Yoga exercises in Berlin for daily life in the city

In my sesssions I will introduce you step by step to your personal Yoga exercises (Asanas) and series of exercises, which are adjusted to your current state of health and fitness. The program also includes very intensive yogic breathing exercises (Pranayama) and various Meditation techniques. 

My Yoga exercises in Berlin includes very effective mental techniques for deep relaxation especially for the stressful life in a city and practical tips for calm activities and places of power in and around Berlin. The exercises fit wonderfully into your daily life, because they don’t take much of your time, but are very effective. They can even be practiced at busy times or while traveling in a hotel room.  More Information about Yoga in Berlin for daily life in the city you will find in my news.

Authentic Yogatherapy in Berlin

Like in traditional Ayurveda medicine, I work with Yogatherapy in Berlin, to treat and prevent diseases of all kinds. According to vedic-yogic teachings, complaints and illnesses always arise, when the life energy is blocked in the Chakras (energy centers) and/or in the energy channels (Nadis) in our body. Such blockages arise primarily from incorrect lifestyle and diet. 

In Yogatherapy there are physical and mental exercises that activate your self-healing powers and cleanse and energize your Chakras. The therapy includes intensive Pranayama, yogic breathing exercises, which are synchronized with Yoga exercises and deep Chakra Meditation. Chronic diseases respond well to Yoga therapy. The spectrum ranges from chronic cold to Burnout or Depression. In my practice, I offer the highly effective authentic Yogatherapy in Berlin – which doesn’t need any medication with severe side effects.

Clean eating - yogic nutrition

Clean eating – yogic nutrition for mental strength and expansion of consciousness. For a free flow of energy in your body, it is important, that you eat what you can digest and utilize. In addition, your food should contain enough Prana, life energy, and therefore has a high vibration. Energetically high-quality food also supports the healing of diseases.

The yogic nutrition is vegan, rarely vegetarian, because meat and products of animals are considered to have a lower vibration energetically. Fresh and natural food like vegetables, fruits, lentils, nuts and plant oil are recommended, which are grown on good soil in the fresh air with sunshine. The food should come from an ethical source and should be produced in a non-violent way without any negativities. Such high vibrational vitalized food  will also increase the energy level in our body. We meditate much easier and connect with the universal energy also more easily. We also make sure that food and drinks are prepared with love, whether at home or in a restaurant.

In my ayurvedic treatment I will explain to you, which food is pranic and has high energies. I will also explain to you, how to prepare your food in energetical terms and where to get good food. More about clean eating – yogic nutrition for mental strength and expansion of consciousness your will find in my news.

Dive into higher dimensions with deep meditation and heal

Meditation - The absolute game changer

Deep Meditation is a powerful instrument, which immediately brings you back into balance on physical, mental and spiritual level.

To optimize your Meditation practice and as part of my Ayurvedic treatment, I will introduce you to the classic, universal yogic-vedic techniques of Meditation. There are many different Meditation techniques. Which techniques are beneficial for you depends on your type, your mental state and  health and your orientation, regarding the wisdom traditions you are following. 

I work with powerful vedic Mantras that immediately bring you into high field of energy, where you can connect easily with universal life energy. In addition to Meditation with Mantras, we also work with Chakra Meditation, which gives you access to your energy system, in order to clear out waste, remove blockages and to energize them. You will release energies, which bring you unknown power for absolute health and highest mental clarity and strength.

In case you are too restless to meditate, we will start with a walking Meditation. Over time you will be able to meditate while sitting. Ideally the Meditation lasts an hour. Don’t worry, you’ll love it and be able to meditate longer and deeper over time. Meditation – the absolute game changer – for a completely happy, healthy and fulfilled life

Solve depression and mental trauma with deep Meditation and Yoga philosophy

The magic of deep Meditation is that negative emotions and psychological traumas seem to dissolve by their own. Many people experience that regular Meditation brings them mental well-being with deep peace and inner satisfaction, while negative thoughts, feelings and behaviors gradually disappear. During Meditation according to vedic-yogic techniques, the mindset is reprogrammed. 

Prana, the life energy, which is positively aligned with love and trust, has the power to transform negative thoughts, feelings and behavior patterns into positive ones. The transformation is reinforced by knowledge how to live according to the universal laws and ethical principles. These are the teachings of Yoga philosophy like the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali or the Mahabharata. The essence of this knowledge is universal and can also be found in other knowledge traditions such as Buddhism, Sufism, Judaism or early Christian teachings.

In my sessions I also use ancient yoga techniques to treat Depression and mental trauma in a very individual way. First I will take a look at your childhood and previous lives to find the root cause of your trauma. The treatment includes deep Meditation and daily practice of mindfulness, where thoughts, feelings, words and actions are directed towards unconditional love adjusted to your personal issues. In this process I will give you practical help to implement these new positive and healthy habits in your life by considering your current living circumstances as well.  Solve depression and mental trauma with Meditation and Yoga philosophy – without long psychotherapy and psychopharmaka.

Would you like to dive deeper into Yoga and Meditation in Berlin? Please contact me.

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