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AyurvedIc treatment In Berlin: natural, individual, holistic and very effectiv

The ayurvedic treatment in Berlin in my practice are carried out according to the classical methods of Ayurveda medicine and will change your life. The ayurvedic treatments are natural, individual,  holistic and very effectiv. Your treatment will start right at our first meeting with all nature has to offer for you. 

Our first meeting in Berlin: detailed anamnesis and ayurvedic constitution diagnosis

I take time for you. At our first meeting, I carry out a detailed, holistic ayurvedic anamnesis and constitutional diagnosis. I will ask you in detail about your current health condition, complaints and previous diseases as well about your diet, lifestyle and habits. This also includes your private and professional life, because everything influences your health and energy.

Your appearance and your body language already tell me your constitution and the current state of your energy and health. I also carry out an ayurvedic pulse diagnosis and tongue diagnosis as well as other necessary physically examinations. I will feel you your energy and deeply dive into your being which reveals to me also conflicts on soul level, which are the main cause for illnesses. In the traditional studies of Ayurveda Medicine in India every student has to meditate for many hours. This way, we sharpen our senses and our intuition, which enables us to make the right diagnoses and therapeutic measures even without technology and a laboratory.

After my examination I will explain you in detail about your physical and mental constitution and your current health according to Ayurveda. You will come to know, what are the causes of your diseases and how to get more energy in general.

Pusdiagnostik im Ayurveda

your Ayurvedic treatment In berlin: intense, very practical and suitable for daily life

The treatment in my ayurvedic practice is very practical and suitable for everyday and in busy times. You will get practical recommendations and tips, how you will come into your full strength and health as fast as possible. This may include an optimization or a drastic change of your diet. You will get your personal nutrition plan for your ayurvedic diet with food items, dishes and drinks, that are recommended for you or which you need to avoid. 

Ayurvedic medicine and supplements like minerals or vitamins are also part of the treatment. I got many practical tips for shopping and how to eat optimally and healthy at work, school, university and while traveling. Together we will work out a daily routine that is suitable and realistic for the circumstances of your life like fixed eating and sleeping times. We will also practice Yoga and Meditation together in our next meetings. I will show you physical and mental Yoga exercises, which are intense and very effective. The exercises are adapted to your current state of health and can be carried out by inexperienced people as well.

We will also discuss the need for an ayurvedic cure in my clinic in Berlin or in an ayurvedic hospital. For serious diseases I recommend a medical hospital in Germany or India, which are specialized in Panchakarma treatments and Rasayana cures. Ideally I will prepare you before the cure and treat you afterwards. 

My intense and holistic ayurvedic treatment may turn your whole life upside down, but it is extremely effective. After a short time you will feel lighter, much more powerful and mentally clear.

More about the “Ayurvedic nutrition” and the “Ayurvedic daily routine” you will find on these pages.

our next meetings: share your experiences, optimize and practice your new ayurvedic lifestyle

In the following meetings we will have time and space for your questions and experiences you made with your new ayurvedic lifestyle. We will also optimize your diet, medication and daily routine if necessary and adapt it to your current state of health. I will show you physical and mental Yoga exercises and introduce you to various types of Meditation techniques for relaxation, selfhealing and to achieve higher states of consciousness. 

From my experience after the first meeting we need to meet at least two or three more sessions. In the first phase every two to three weeks would be ideal, later every one or two months or longer. During cure we will communicate daily online.

The sessions can also take place online. The treatment costs are calculated according to the fee schedule for doctors (GOÄ) and vary around 180 Euro per session. 


Natural and individual ayurvedic treatment of diseases in Berlin: from nutrition to DEtox Cures and Panchakarma treatments

The treatment of a disease in Ayurveda Medicine is always based on natural principles and remedies. In my ayurvedic clinic in Berlin I work with the classic methods of Ayurvedic medicine and treat adults and children. My treatment includes ayurvedic detoxification and deep cleansing or nourishing of the body with selected food items, herbs and spices and special ayurvedic medicine, Yoga and Meditation  and introduction of a healthy daily routine. I also work on mental health with ancient ayurvedic and yogic technics. 

Typical ayurvedic treatments like systematic ayurvedic detoxification and cleansing like in Panchakarma treatments you can do as a cure at home. If therapeutical ayurvedic massage are necessary, you will be send to Ayurveda practioners in Berlin, with whom I work together. All treatments are adjusted individually to your constitution and present state of health and the circumstances of your life.

Diseases that respond well to Ayurvedic treatments

Diseases, which respond well to the ayurvedic treatment are chronic diseases and symptoms, which are caused by poor nutrition and lifestyle, like obesity, rheumatoid arthritis, digestion problems, chronic infections and autoimmun dieseases, exhaution or Burnout. Also acute complaints can be treated with Ayurveda medicine or at least alleviated. You can find a list of symptoms and diseases that respond well to ayurvedic treatments.

“The way you look, your breathing, your eyes, your voice, your gait, the structure of your hair, skin and nails, the condition of your tongue and your pulse, reveal more about you, your energy and the condition of your tissues than all medical laboratory findings and investigations together.”

Ayurvedic remedies & Ayurvedic dietary supplements

Ayurveda treatment with natural Ayurvedic remedies: very intensive and highly effectiv

In Ayurveda everything from nature is medicine. Ayurvedic medicine can be taken on a daily base either to prevent or to treat diseases. In our first meeting in my practice we will find out, which ayurvedic remedies are best for you according your constitution and your current state of health and digestion. 

For ayurvedic treatments I use natural ayurvedic remedies, which are very intensive and highly effective. This can be herbs and spices from the kitchen like Turmeric or Ginger and cinnamon or plants with strong healing properties like Pippali, Brahmi, Sallaki or  Guggulu, Asvagandha, Triphala or Trikatu. Even minerals like natural salts and ashes are used for treatment or supplements with vitamins. They detox, clean and build up tissues and regenerate cells for rejuvenation. 

They also promote digestion and are anti-inflammatory.  Special ayurvedic preparations are medicated Ghee and plant oils, which go deep in the body and wash out or nourishes the tissues. They are mainly used for cures which focus on ayurvedic detoxification and cleansing cures and Panchakarma treatments. For building up your gut health sucessfully, you may also get probiotics in combination with an ayurvedic diet, which nourishes the good gut bacterias.

In my treatment I prefer natural remedies, because they are best absorbed by the body. This also applies to dietary supplements, which I only recommend from sources that meet European quality standards. More exciting topics about Ayurveda you find in my magazine and my newsblog.

Are you interested in Ayurvedic treatments in Berlin? Please contact me.

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