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Ayurvedic nutrition

only the best food for you

“If you eat right, you don’t need medicine –
If you eat the wrong food, no medicine will help.”

Nutrition plays a major role in Ayurveda and is the basis for maintaining health and treating diseases. All recommendations for the right diet are individual, because everyone is unique. What helps one person can harm another.

In my consultation I will tell you, which ayurvedic food is best for you, according your constitution and state of health. Especially your digestion power determines which food preparations are suitable for you. You will receive a detailed nutrition plan with food items, dishes and drinks including herbs and spices that promote your digestion and health and also counteract your diseases and symptoms. We also plan your diet for the ayurvedic cures at home.

You can expect delicious and excellent food with the best superfoods, herbs and spices that nature has to offer. Together we will find out, how your personal ayurvedic food and diet looks like and what you need to avoid.

your Ayurvedic diet: suitable for Daily life even in busy times

From my experience, the change to an ayurvedic foodstyle requires time and little training. I will show you easy and practical ways, how to implement your ayurvedic diet suitable for daily life even in busy times. In our sessions you will get a lot of information about properties and characteristics of food and how to prepare dishes and drinks with healing properties. For the cures at home, I will instruct you about your special diet with only selected food items and dishes.

We will find realistic solutions for your food at work or while traveling. I provide also tips for the food of your children in the Kindergarten, school or university. I will also share my favorite places in Berlin, where you find good and clean, fresh organic food. More information about ayurvedic food and diet and great recipes you will find in my Ayurveda lifestyle book and my News-Blog.

Ayurvedic Food for the Doshas Vata, Pitta and Kapha

Ayurveda describes exactly, how we should eat, which food makes us sick and healthy again. The teachings also explain ayurvedic food for the Doshas Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

Like the Doshas, our food derives from the five elements too. Vata food is out of air and ether, so they are light, dry and cold. Pitta derives from fire so Pitta food is hot and sour, while Kapha food is solid, heavy and watery, because it is from earth and water. In Ayurveda we use the properties and effects of food to maintain or bring back the Doshas into balance. 

For this we use food which counteracts the properties of the Dosha: a fiery Pitta-type needs cooling food and water, while dry Vata needs oily and warm dishes and teas. Ayurvedic dishes often contain all six tastes from sweet, sour, adstringent, to bitter, salty and spicy, simply to keep all the Doshas in balance.

The principles of ayurvedic food and diet are quite easy to understand and can be explained with common sense. In our sessions I will teach you the principles of ayurvedic nutrition. With time and experience, you are able to choose the right food for yourself like an ayurvedic doctor.

golden rules for proper eating habits in Ayurveda

In Ayurveda, healthy eating is not just about the right food and proper preparation. Ayurvedic teaching also explain the right way of eating. There are some golden rules for proper eating habits in Ayurveda. An important rule is, to have fix meal times in your daily routine. Another rule is to chew the food properly, so that the saliva can predigest the food. Another rule in Ayurveda is to eat only when the previous meal is digested. Another important rule is not to drink while eating, so the digestive juice will not be diluted. 

Check also the size of your portion, which should not be larger than the palms of both your hands. Together we will analyze, whether your eating habits need to be optimized, especially if you suffer from chronic digestive disorders.

Your food is your medicine - treat diseases with food that counteracts the causes

Like the Vedas also the ancient Greeks knew it: Your food is your medicine – treat diseases with food that counteracts the causes. Every food item and every meal has certain properties and effects, which are suggested as medicine in ayurvedic treatment. We treat diseases with food, which have the opposite properties of the illness, like hot and spicy teas and soups for a common cold or light food in overweight. 

As diseases are usually associated with a weakend digestive power, we advice only food, which is easy to digest like cooked vegetables, soups and porridges. An alkaline diet is recommend as well, because many diseases arise or are exacerbated by hyperacidity. Important metabolic processes like cleansing or detoxification are disturbed in hyperacidity, which cause illness of various kinds and hinder recovery. In my sessions I will teach you, how to counteract symptoms and diseases with light and alkaline food, which is easy to digest according your current state of health.

diet for ayurvedic cleansing, detoxification and deacidification

The diet for ayurvedic cleansing, detoxification and deacidification is based on an easy to digest diet with fresh bitter herbs, spices and vegetables like turmeric, artichokes or arugula. I will explain in detail, how to prepare dishes with strong healing properties. If you carry out an ayurvedic cure for cleansing, detoxification, deacidification or Panchakarma treatments, you will be instructed in detail about the ingredients and preparations of  your food.

Ayurvedic nutrition for digestion problems and weight loss

The Ayurvedic diet for digestion problems like and weight loss is also easy to digest but more liquid or mashy. To promote digestion and metabolism ,we mainly use bitter herbs and vegetables, but also spices like ginger and cinnamon or vegetables with mustard oils like radish or leek. All these food items activate the motion in the intestinal tract and induce fat burning as well, which is great for chronic constipation and weight loss.

Ayurvedic diet for physical and mental strengthening and burnout

Nutritious food is necessary in cases of physical and mental weakness and exhaustion, caused by stress or malnutrition. The Ayurvedic diet for physical and mental strengthening and Burnout ideally includes superfoods like nut, seeds and dry fruits or lentils. They have a very high proportion of vital nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, good fatty acids and essential proteins and nourish cells and tissues. Meat broth is used for treatment in severe conditions and are easy to digest in case of a weak digestion power.