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“Are you missing something in life? Do you long for success, happiness, recognition and love? Are you constantly looking for a better life? Then align your path with your purpose in order to live a fulfilled life that is meant for you.”

Vedic coaching in Berlin

Vedic coaching is a special form of life advice in Yoga and Ayurveda. It is about living a fulfilled life and how to get there. According to Vedic philosophy, a fulfilled life is only possible, if we are aligned with our purpose, also known as Dharma. This can be our profession, relationships and even the place of living and traveling. All areas of life are involved for a life in perfect harmony. According to the vedic teachings, the universe gives us hints and signs, what we have to optimize and in which direction we need to go. 

I offer Vedic coaching in Berlin in my practice and Online to give you a full orientation for purpose of life and what you are destined for. One of my absolute strengths is to recognize a person’s destiny and bring him or her on the right path, step by step – with lots of practical tips and realistic solutions.

Vedic coaching in Berlin - The first meeting will change your life

I recommend Vedic coaching for everyone, who wants more in life, but don’t know how to get there. The first meeting will change your life. We will have a detailed conversation about your life so far and discuss which events and activities have helped you move forward and which ones keep on failing or are repeating without a positive outcome for you. Together we will find, what are your strong points and talents, what brings you energy and what are your goals in life. We also look at your weak points and fears, inner blockages and beliefs, that have prevented you from reaching your goals. 

Learn About the universal laws and powerful manifestation technics in my vedic coaching

My Vedic coaching is based on the timeless wisdom of the Vedas, which is written in the  Bhagvad Gita and Mahabharata or the Yoga Sutras according to Patanjali. They describe what a person needs to be happy and healthy in life. Deep inside we are only fulfilled, if our life is directed towards unconditional love and enriches the life of other beings on our planet. They also reveal universal laws and technics for successful manifestation of our life goals. The essence of this universal knowledge is also found in all great knowledge traditions of humanity like Buddhism, Sufism, Kabbalah or the original teachings of Jesus. 

Learn about the universal laws and powerful manifestation technics in my vedic coaching. If you follow certain rules, you will be successful in realizing your dream life. 

learn to listen to your inner voice and feel what is right for you in my vedic coaching

The universe constantly supplies you with hints and signs, which decision or direction is best for you. You are always guided and just need to follow your inner voice and feelings. Recognize, what is meant for you and then follow this direction. Learn to listen to your inner voice and feel what is right for you in my vedic coaching. 

Usually this is impossible, if you live a very  busy hectic and stressful life. I will introduce you to very powerful relaxation technics and Meditation. After a while you will be able to hear your inner voice and feel the emotions, which are guiding you to your right way. You will also come into your intuition, which is the best compass towards a fulfilled life. 

Very Practical tips and realistic solutions to change your life towards your destiny with my vedic coaching

Your physical and mental characteristics, skills and talents indicate, where the journey of your life is destined for. Every person has an individual set of skills and talents, that enables him or her, to perform certain tasks and functions on earth, for example being a mother or a father, a doctor, a lawyer, an actor or a healer. Nature has already given you everything you need for living your purpose. May be, you also feel a strong urge to improve your abilities in a certain field, but don´t find time yet or it became your hobby.

In my vedic coaching I will reveal, what is meant for you, according your physical and mental characteristics, abilities and interests. You will also get very practical tips and realistic solutions to change your life towards your destiny with my vedic coaching for all areas of your life.

Vedic coaching helps you to become the best version of yourself and to unfold your full potential

Become the best version of yourself and unfold your full potential. My sessions can be very spiritual too. I work with ancient Vedic technics like Mantras, Meditation and Affirmation. They bring your higher self into your awareness, which always knows, what is best for you. Also knowledge about universal ethics and unconditional love is important for your inner growth and ascension into higher states of consciousness. I will teach you, how to apply this universal wisdom in daily life and how to solve problematic situations, as they block your growth. Vedic coaching helps you to become the best version of yourself and to unfold your full potential.

Vedic Coaching- Get over serious Diseases easily by Following your destiny

In Ayurveda, Vedic coaching is also part of the treatment of diseases. In particular serious diseases, such as cancer, epilepsy or severe mental disorders, are an expression of deep inner conflicts, which seem be too difficult to be solved. Also Karma, the baggage of traumatas from past lifes, may be involved in the illness. According to Vedic teachings the moment, you are following your destiny and live according to your purpose ,your complaints and disease will subside.

In my vedic coaching, I will explain to you, which connections are between your inner conflicts and/or Karma and your illness. Together we will find practical and realistic solutions to get out of your situation as fast as possible. Vedic Coaching- Get over serious diseases easily by following your destiny and living your purpose.

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