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daily routine in Ayurveda: Living in perfect Harmony with your biorhythm

In Ayurveda a day routine is regarded as one of the main remedies to maintain or get back into true health. The routine includes fixed times for eating, sleeping and working, sports, Yoga and Meditation. All activities must be aligned with our biorhythm. This rhythm is determined by the functions of our organs and tissues. For example, the liver is cleaning our blood between 10 pm- 3 am. 

Most hormones are released in early morning and our digestion is on peak between 11 am-3 pm and for sure sleeps after eight. The daily routine in Ayurveda: living in perfect harmony with your biorhythm is a very individual matter. Besides the constitution also your state of health matters. If you are exhausted, you need more sleep and if you are obese  move more and sleep less. 

As part of my treatment in my practice in Berlin, I will work out  a perfect and realistic day routine for you, which maximize your power and health. Some measures may be important, like enough sleep and regular eating. Your circumstances in which your are living like long working hours or intense care of small children will be considered in the plan. A daily routine in Ayurveda: living in perfect harmony with your biorhythm is the key to maintain or regain your health and strenght.

The perfect day routine in ayurveda

Daily Morning ritual with meditation, Yoga, Ayurvedic Massages, tongue cleaning and mouthwash

This is real Ayurveda: a dailymorning ritual with Meditation, Yoga, Ayurvedic massages, tongue cleaning and mouthwash. We celebrate the mornings and take our time to welcome the day in a relaxed manner, sort our thoughts and clean the body properly. Of course, not everyone has the time for such an extensive morning ritual within the ayurvedic daily routine, especially those who start to work early or have small children. 

But there are always good solutions for integrating healthy activities into daily life. You will get lots of ideas and practical information from me, how to perform the morning ritual, even with less time. You learn ayurvedic massage for yourself and all about ayurvedic mouthwash with tongue cleaning and oil pulling, besides cleaning of nose, ears and eyes. I will also introduce you to Meditation and show you Yoga exercises, which are adjusted to your constitution and your current health situation. 

The perfect ayurvedic daily routine

daily Evening ritual with an evening walk, calm breathing and meditation

Just like the morning ritual, the Ayurvedic daily routine also has an evening ritual. It will help you, to end the day peacefully, prepare for the next one and sleep relaxed. In addition to physical cleansing, the program includes calm breathing exercises from Yoga and Meditation. Ideal is a nice evening walk in the fresh air and in nature.

The perfect ayurvedic daily routine

Eating with the biorhythm of digestion

Eating with the biorhythm of digestion is part of treatment of all diseases and to get back full power. It’s not always easy, but we will plan your eating times according your biorhythm. Your main meal should be between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., when your digestive power is strong. In the evenings the digestion in general is less strong and after eight the food will stay in your stomach overnight and become sluggish. I will give you lots of ideas and practical tipps about your ayurvedic diet. We will also find everyday solutions for you, how to find time on daytime to cook a healthy meal.

Ayurvedic daily routine for children

For healthy development and growth, children in particular need a structured daily routine. It may be difficult to establish regular bedtimes and meal times in the beginning, if the family follow a different rhythm. It is part of my treatment with adults and children, to help you integrating healthy habits in your family life, with practical tips and lots of information about special needs of children according to ayurvedic teachings. 

You want to know more about your personal daily routine in Ayurveda? Please contact me.

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