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Ayurveda medicine is humanity’s oldest health system. In a natural and holistic way,  you will find back to your true health, full power and fulfilment in life.

Ayurveda Medicine Berlin – Dr. med. Kalpana Bandecar

Our first meeting will completely change your life. Look forward to an individual and holistic treatment with personal recommendations for your ayurvedic diet, healthy lifestyle and natural remedies, which are adjusted to your personal needs – with many practical tips for daily life.

In my practice for Ayurveda medicine in Berlin you will be treated according to the classical ayurvedic methods. I am also offering ambulant ayurvedic treatments for strengthening and Ayurvedic cleansing and detoxification with elements of Panchakarma treatments.

Dr. med. Kalpana Bandecar in an interview about Ayurveda medicine

Kalpana Bandecar Praxis für Ayurveda Medizin Berlin Ayurveda Arzt Berlin

Dr. med. Kalpana Bandecar - physian and Ayurveda specialist in Berlin

I take time for you. I see and treat you as an individual. My name is Dr. med. Kalpana Bandecar – physian and Ayurveda specialist in Berlin. Thanks to my vast practical experience and work as a doctor in allopathic Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Gynecology and Ayurvedic Medicine/ Panchakarma for many years, I got in-depth knowledge and extensive clinical experience. I also got a wide range of knowledge about diagnostics and therapies in both systems. I am also an author and regularly write articles about Ayurveda in medical journals. 

The Ayurvedic treatment will change your life - for real health and full power

Since 2004 I am treating adults and children in my practice for Ayurvedic medicine in Berlin and Hanover. After a detailed anamnesis and in-depth Ayurvedic examinations with pulse diagnosis, I will explain, what is your constitutional type and the root causes of your symptoms and/or diseases. You will receive a practical plan for your Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle. My ayurvedic treatment also includes very effective natural remedies from Ayurveda medicine and European naturopathy, Yoga exercises and Meditation techniques. I will prepare and guide you for the ambulant cures at your home, like the ayurvedic cleansing with elements of  Panchakarma treatments or a Rasayana cure for strengthening. My Ayurvedic treatment will change your life – for real health and full power.

Ayurveda treatment in Berlin: practical tips on ayurvedic nutrition and lifestyle

Life in a big city like Berlin can be quite challenging. During my consultation you will come to know, what you personally need, to stay physically and mentally healthy – with lots of practical tips on your Ayurvedic diet and a holistic lifestyle in Berlin. You will also come to know, where you can get healthy and fresh food for your Ayurvedic diet or find good yoga studios and power places as well as Ayurvedic restaurants in Berlin. More information you find in my news.


Find your purpose with Vedic coaching in Berlin

Vedic coaching is a special form of life coaching in Ayurveda and Yoga. It is about your purpose, called Dharma in Yoga. Our first session will change your life and bring you on the right path. In my Vedic coaching, in person or online, we will find out, what gives you strength and fulfills you and furthermore which tasks and relationships are meant for you. Find your purpose with Vedic coaching in Berlin.

“Benefit from the universal and timeless knowledge of Ayurveda and Yoga. Here you are finally seen and treated as an individual, because you are unique, with your very own personal set of characteristics, abilities and strengths. Discover your true nature. Find back to your energy and stay in your power and strength.”

Ayurveda lifestyle very easy





Here you get practical information, how to live a holistic lifestyle according to Ayurveda and Yoga, to gain and maintain absolute health, youth and full energy- with lots of practical tips, selftests, recipes for healing food and delicious ayurvedic dishes, information about qualities and properties of food items as well as practical instructions for Yoga exercises and mental training.


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Dr. med. Kalpana Bandecar
Physician and specialist for Ayurvedic Medicine and Yoga Therapy