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Children benefit enormously from Ayurveda and yoga. In my medical practice in Berlin I offer yoga and Ayurveda for children of all ages in Berlin.

Yoga and Ayurveda for children in Berlin

Balaveda means Ayurveda for children in Sanskrit. It is about the right nutrition and lifestyle for children, including education and treatment of diseases in childhood for all age groups.

I am offering Ayurveda and Yoga for children in Berlin, because living in a big city like Berlin can be very challenging for a tender soul. In our sessions, I will guide you and your child, to find into a healthy lifestyle and daily routine, with time for deep relaxation and a healthy nutrition according to his or her constitution and current state of health. I am also offering traditional Ayurveda Medicine and treatments ans Yogatherapy for children in Berlin.

Ayurveda for children: lots of practical Recommendation and realistic solutions

In my consultation in Berlin, you will get lots of practical recommendations and realistic solutions to implement a healthy lifestyle for your child, in healthy and even in sick days. This includes a special ayurvedic diet for your child, which is adjusted to your child`s constitution, health and digestion power. I will give you recipes and great ideas for food that is adjusted children`s taste. Together we will also develop a daily routine with fix times for eating, sleeping, learning, Yoga and Meditation with your child. For babys and small children I will also show you Ayurvedic massages – which is recommended for an optimal development and growth of your child.

With the holistic Ayurvedic lifestyle your child get maximum support to grow up happy and healthy, curios, vital and with a strong immunity. 

The Ayurvedic diet for children - only the best and healthiest Food for your child

With the right nutrition you lay the foundation for your child’s health. Gut health starts in childhood and is the base for a good and strong digestion, hormonal balance, cleancing, detox and immunity. In our first meeting you will receive  nutrition plan for your child, that is adjusted to your child’s constitution and state of health. The ayurvedic diet for children include food and drinks that children love and which are still healthy. 

It promotes the development and maintenance of the intestinal flora. Above all, with the right diet your child gets a lot of energy, which is needed for perfect physical and mental growth and for learning. In our sessions you will get information and ideas, how to create healthy meals for the kindergarten, school, university or while traveling. The Ayurvedic diet for children – only the best and healthiest food for your child.

Ayurveda medicine for children in Berlin- holistic and natural treatment of diseases for Kids of any age

Your child is sick and you are looking for the best therapy? Then the holistic and natural ayurvedic treatment for children is ideal for you, without heavy medication which have bad side effects fot the health of a child.

In my practice I offer Ayurveda medicine for children in Berlin- holistic and natural treatment of diseases for kids of any age and with all kinds of health disorders. In particular, allergies, digestive problems and growth disorders in children respond well to ayurvedic treatment. I am also successfully treating children with sleeping disorders and concentration and learning and so called ADS and ADHS. 

In our first meeting I determine your child’s constitution and current state of health with an ayurvedic examination and a detailed anamnesis. I will go back to the pregnancy and birth of your child. I will also check, if there were problems with the mental and physical development and want to know all about your living situation and if issues with  parenting are present.

According to your child´s health and constitution I will give you recommendations, which diet is suitable for your right now. Mostly children need to avoid heavy to digest food, because their digestion power is not yet developed. They also need to avoid unhealthy food like sweets or fast food. Together with your child we discuss the diet and keep optimizing in the next sessions. 

I also recommend ayurvedic medicine for children, but we have to be creative, because most of the children can´t or do not want to swallow tablets or capsules. I will show you, how to prepare healthy dishes with healing herbs and spices – are superdelicious and child-friendly. The best thing about children is that they learn in a playful and natural way to live a healthy life according to their personal needs. The sooner the better.

Ayurveda for children with a perfect daily routine

In Ayurveda a daily routine for children is recommended for a healthy mental and physical development. Every child needs  fix times for eating, sleeping and learning in alignment with his or her biorythm.

In my consultation we will develop a realistic Ayurvedic daily routine for your child together. This also includes a daily morning ritual and evening program, in which he or she learns to start and end the day calmly. This will also help him or her, to face the challenges of daily life without getting nervous or mentally ill.  

Your child will become familiar with taking time to cleanse and take care of his or her body in a natural way. More about the ayurvedic daily routine you find on these pages. The best thing about children is that they learn in a very playful and natural way to live a healthy life according to their personal needs. The sooner the better.

Yoga and meditation for children - promotes sleep, concentration, learning and growth

You want the best for your child? Then introduce him or her to Yoga and Meditation as early as possible. By the way, Yoga and Meditation for children promotes sleep, learning, concentration and growth. 

In our session, playfully we will practice Yoga together with your child. I will show exercises, which are adjusted to your childs development, age and health. Initially the exercises may be short and your child can easily perform them in the morning before school or/and in the afternoon after school. These exercises bring the life energies Vata, Pitta and Kapha of your child in full flow for maximum development and growth. We also work with Yogatherapy for children in Ayurveda. I will show Yoga exercises with therapeutic effects, if your child suffers from certain health problems.

Meditation is always part of the Ayurvedic treatment for children especially if your child suffers from restlessness, sleep disorders, learning difficulties, concentration problems and behavioral problems. The way of  Meditation and duration is absolutely individual. Some children can only stay for seconds in  Meditation, others need to work on their concentration first and painting or draw pictures for a while. There are also children, who start right away to meditate deep and long. Together we will find out, which Yoga exercises and Meditation technics are best for your child. Don´t forget: Yoga and Meditation for children – promotes sleep, concentration, learning and growth.

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