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Ayurveda - medicine and lifestyle in one

Ayurveda is the greatest gift for humanity. “Ayur Veda” means “wisdom of life” and describes a holistic lifestyle which is focused on absolute health and a fulfilled life. At the same time, it is a comprehensive natural medicine  system. Ayurveda Medicine stands for a holistic treatment and prevention of diseases of any kind, even for those who are uncurable in modern medicine. That is Ayurveda medicine and lifestyle in one. 

Long ago, at least 5000 years BC, there were sages in the area of ancient India, called the Vedas. They received deep knowledge in Meditation, how our universe and life on earth works. The Vedas were given precise instructions about living a holistic and healthy life according to the universal laws of nature. They got insides about natural treatment of diseases with powerful minerals, plants, herbs and spices and special medical preparations and applications for an effective treatment. Today Ayurveda Medicine is the leading alternative medicine system worldwide.

First the Vedas shared their knowledge and experiences only with a selected group of other sages and very bright students. Around 1500 BC  they started to document their wisdom in scripts and palmleafs. These scriptures about Ayurveda are part of the Vedic science, which is a collection of all important life topics like astrology, mathematics and physics, arts, philosophy, spirituality and enlightment. 

Over the time a profound science and medical system was established, the first one of humanity. This wisdom influenced many other holistic medical systems  in the world like chinese or tibetian medicine or egyptian, arabian, greek and the naturopathy in europe. In all these systems the wisdom has been modified according to the needs of the people and the environment, on which they live.

These ancient teachings like the Charaka Samhita or Sushruta Samhita are still available today  and every Ayurveda doctor has to study these extensive knowledge. The ayurvedic science describe exactly, which diet and lifestyle a person needs to stay or become healthy again. This includes everything from the nature like food items, spices and herbs, fresh air and pure water, a hike in the mountains or gardening. Ayurveda is an universal and timeless wisdom that offers answers and solutions to the problems of today. It’s worth engaging with this wonderful philosophy of life.

Ayurveda medicine: In balance with the Doshas Vata+Pitta+Kapha

According to Ayurveda all life arises from the five elements earth, fire, water, air and ether. These elements form the life energies, the Doshas, called Vata, Pitta and Kapha. They own the same properties like the elements which formed them. Kapha derives from earth and water, Pitta from fire and Vata from air and ether. So Vata is light and flexible, Pitta fiery and hot and Kapha is solid, heavy and sluggish. These energies control  all important functions like metabolism, digestion, movement, growth or decay in our body and our mind. 

They are inseparably linked to one another. They determine our constitution with our physical and mental characteristics. All of us are a mix of these energies. The Doshas which are dominant in us, determine our appearance and mental state, our constitution. In true health, the energies Vata, Pitta and Kapha are in balance. When disruptions occur, illnesses arise, which require treatment of the derailed energy. If two or all three Doshas are out of balance, the most derailed one needs to be treated first in Ayurveda Medicine.

Natural Ayurvedic treatment – individual, holistic and very effective

In Ayurveda, every person is seen as an individual, with his own personal set of physical and mental properties and abilities, which are determined by predominant Doshas. The Doshas of a person change during lifetime due to the lifestyle, nutrition and profession or climate. An ayurvedic doctor evaluates not only the constitution, but also the actual state of the Doshas. They differ  from person to person. Therefore the ayurvedic treatment is individual as well. 

The natural Ayurvedic treatment includes an intense education of the client about the causes of the disease and how to avoid them. Also food items, herbs and spices are part of the treatment like special ayurvedic medicine, Yoga and Meditation. or activities in the the nature. Even eating and sleeping habits or daily activities  are changed to improve health . The great advantage of the universal wisdom of Ayurveda is, that it can be easily adapted to the needs of our modern times because it is based on timeless natural principles.

AYURVEDA and YOGA – together unbeatable

"Benefit from the universal and timeless knowledge of Ayurveda and Yoga. These ancient systems know more about human nature than today's science and modern medicine"

Ayurveda and Yoga – complementary systems

Yoga is always part of Ayurveda. It describes a state of mind were there is a deep connection, an union with our highest energy source. Some call it universe, some call it god. Yoga is practiced to get into higher states of consciousness, which is the most effective way to overcome negativities like anxiety and also to treat diseases of any kind.

There are physical and mental Yoga exercises, which bring flow to the energies in our body, especially the intense breathing exercises, called Pranayama. This strenghtens our metabolism and digestion and brings mental clarity as well. Very powerful are the ancient yogic technics, which focus on cleansing and strengthening the Chakras. These are our energy centers, which receive, enforce and distribute our life energy to every cell in our body and every part our mind and soul. 

Mental traumatas, which are stored in our Chakras over many generations, create blockages, which are the actual cause of illnesses. With Yoga exercises and Pranayama, these  blockages are easily removed and the life energies can flow freely. This is part of the Yogatherapy, which is always part of the treatment of diseases in Ayurveda Medicine. 

Ayurveda and meditation

In Ayurveda and Yoga, Meditation has top priority to stay or get healthy and to achieve full strength and power. There are many different Meditation techniques. Some are helping to calm the mind in the first place and activate selfhealing. Other very powerful Meditation techniques work on connecting with our source, in order to get access to deep wisdom and to transform into higher states of consciousness, where unconditional love rules. 

While meditating, we also get insights about the purpose of our life, also known as Dharma in Yoga. If we follow our destiny, extraordinary energies are released. This gives us the power, to realize our deepest wishes and goals in life.

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