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Ambulant Ayurveda Cures in berlin with deep Ayurvedic Detoxification and Cleansing, Panchakarma treatments, Rasayana And More

In Ayurveda Medicine you will find very effective natural treatments and cures, which have their origin in nature. In acute illness for example, animals and human beings show the same physical reactions. For cleansing they react with loose motions or vomiting and eat special herbs, for gaining strenght they sleep a lot and eat nourishing light food. From these observations the ancient ayuvedic doctors created supereffectic cures.

I am working with the classical methods of Ayurveda Medicine. I am also offering individual ambulant Ayurveda cures in Berlin with deep ayurvedic detoxification and cleansing, Panchakarma treatments, Rasayana cures and other special treatments. If you cant leave your home, because of your job or family, just carry out an ambulant Ayurveda cure in Berlin. Actually this is the best you can do, because you learn to prepare  your ayurvedic diet and to treat yourself.  This is also the fastest way to implement healthy habits in your daily life.

Individual Ambulant Ayurveda Cures in berlin

In general ayurvedic cures follow a certain sequence, but need to be modified according to your  personal needs. In my practice I  offer individual ambulant Ayurveda cures in Berlin, which are perfectly adjusted to your constitution and state of health in the first place. If you want an ayurvedic cleansing and detoxification or Panchakarma treatments, we have to consider other illnesses you may suffer from. Also the seasons and your living conditions are effecting the way the cure has to be carried out. In allopathic medicine the therapies are following a strict schedule and sometimes fail to cure a disesase, while the individual Ayurvedic cures really look at a persons requirements. 

The ambulant ayurveda cures at home, especially the Panchakarma treatments, are less drastic than in an authentic Panchakarma clinic. Panchakarma means five therapeutical measurements, but in western countries we don’t go for all like the therapeutical vomiting (Vamana). If it happens naturally, we are happy, because the cleansing effect is very powerful. Most of the treatments for Ayurvedic detoxification and cleansing like drinking medicated ghee, theraputical diarrhoe (Virechana), sweating (Svedana) and cleansing enemas (Basti), nostril cleansing (Nasya) can be performed at home according to my practical instructions. If bloodletting (Raktamokshana) is necessary, we will send you to an allopathic doctor. Ayurveda massages (abhangha/udvartana) can be carried out by yourself or from professional Ayurvedic practioners, with whom I work together. 

If you carry out an ambulant ayurvedic cleansing or Panchakarma treatments or Rasayana, you will be well prepared in our sessions before the cure starts. I will explain to, which food items, dishes and drinks are allowed during your cure and how to prepare them. Regarding ayurvedic remedies like herbs and applications, you will be instructed by me in detail. I will show you ayurvedic maasage and selected physical and mental Yoga exercises and Meditation, which are always part of an ayurvedic cure. For some cleansing procedures during the cure, working is not advisable. Be prepared to take a leave from work for a couple of days, which we will also discuss.

If you are suffering from severe diseases and your state of health is critical I will recommend an ayurvedic cure in an experienced and specialized ayurvedic clinic in Germany, India or Sri Lanka, with whom I work together. For this I can also prepare you and continue the treatment after the cure.

Ayurvedic cleansing and Panchakarma treatments - Deep, intensE And absolutely rejuvenating

Many symptoms and diseases, as well as aging, are caused by contamination of the body with metabolic end products and toxins. This also applies to the slagging of the digestive tract and tissues by products of incorrect digestion. For deep cleansing of the tissues, extensive measures are necessary. The ayurvedic cleansing and Panchakarma treatments are deep, intensive and rejuvenating at the same time.  

One of the most effective therapy is drinking of warm medicated Ghee (clarified butter). The Ghee allows the herbs, which are mainly bitter, sometimes also little spicy, to go deep in the tissues and to wash out the waste, toxins and acids in our body. The cleansing is more effectic, if the body gets ayurvedic massages with medicated plant oils. All these substances reach deeper in the tissues with sweating sessions, intensive yoga and breathing exercises. You will also get selected ayurvedic remedies for detox and cleansing as well as special ayurvedic preparations for therapeutical loose motions and enemas.

Rasayana treatments in Ayurveda are energizing, relaxing and rejuvenating

In Ayurveda there is a special cure for strenghting. The  Rasayana treatments in Ayurveda are energizing, relaxing and rejuvenating. These restorative treatments are recommended for physical exhaustion, stress, menopausal symptoms and Burnout. The basic treatment includes plenty of rest and sleep, nutritious food, strengthening Ayurvedic remedies, calm Voga exercises, Meditation and of course oil massages. Gentle cleansing is usually carried out at the start of the treatment.

Ayurvedic Hospitals

In severe diseases or critical state of health it is better to perform an ayurvedic cure in a hospital. These are the ayurvedic hospitals in Berlin, Germany and India, I work with:

  • Ayurveda Mahavidyala University and Hospital in Nadiad/Gujarat/India under the medical direction of Prof. Dr. S.N.Gupta
  • Immanuel Hospital for Naturopathy in Berlin under the medical direction of Dr. Andreas Michalsen
  • Rosenberg Ayurveda health and spa center in Birstein under the medical direction of Prof. Dr. S.N.Gupta
  • Ayurveda department of Habichtswaldklinik in Kassel under the medical direction of Dr. med. A.S. Chopra

Are you interested in an ambulant Ayurvedic cure or Panchakarma in Berlin? Please contact me.

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