Do you feel, there must be more in life, but you don’t know what? Are you always in a search mode for a better life, but you don’t know where to go and what to do? Then you need to know your destiny. In my Vedic Coaching we will find out, what are your life goals and best for your personal evolution. 

According to Vedic philosophy a fulfilled life is only possible, if we are aligned to our destiny, also called Dharma in Yoga. Basically our life is already determined by former incarnations and anchestors. May be your Dharma is to be a wife or a husband, a mother or a father, a teacher or a lawyer and working with children or animals. For this, nature has given you an individual set of abilities and talents, which enables you for a specific role and job. 

Knowing in which direction your life-journey will go has a very positive impact on your health and unleashes superpowers, which allow you to move mountains to realize your dreams and to recover from serious illnesses.

To get all the information about your destiny you need to learn about yourself and your experiences. This takes a long time. In my coaching sessions we quickly find your life goals. I am working with Vedic techniques that brings you into your intuition and give you profound insights about your purpose in life. The first will give you already the right orientation.