“Your look, your breath, your eyes, your voice, The way you walk, the structure of your hair, skin and nails, the condition of your pulse and your tongue, reveal more about you, your energy and the condition of your tissues than all medical laboratory reports and examinations together”


The Ayurvedic treatment is absolutely individual and very effective because of its holistic approach. A visit with an Ayurveda physician is very different than what you experienced with other physicans. First of all, I take time for you. It is important, that I get to know all about your current state of health, your constitution and your life situation in detail.  

After the first consultation, I will tell you what is your current state of health and your constitution. I will also explain what are your strong and weak points. We will optimize your nutrition and lifestyle simultaneously. You will come to know, which therapy is best for you to regain your full strength and health as quickly as possible. I will give you shopping tipps and very practical solutions which will help you, to implement healthy behavior in your daily life, even on busy days. 

The goal is to activate and maintain your self-healing power. Your whole life may be turned upside down, but  see after some time you will see that all efforts are worth it. You will feel lighter and symptoms disappear. You can unfold your potential much better.

After the first meeting, the next one ideally takes place after two or four weeks, later after 1-2 months. Sessions last from 15 minutes to an hour. I know from my long experience that at least 3 meetings are necessary. Online sessions are also possible. 


“When diet is wrong,
 medicine is of no use.

When diet is correct,
 medicine is of no need.”

Together we will find your perfect diet according to your nature and current health state. Nutrition is very important in Ayurveda.

Whatever you eat and drink should be digested by your body, otherwise it creates slags. These sticky products of indigestion are harming the tissues. They also kill the good gut bacterias, which are necessary for our health, especially digestion, immunity, detoxification and hormonal balance. Eating the wrong way is the main cause of health issues in any kind. 

In Ayurveda we prefer dishes with natural, fresh and organic food items, but they must match with your personal  digestion power. This includes the food habits of your ancestors. In every meeting we will talk about your diet and experiences. If necessary we will optimize your food and give you some good alternatives, also ideas  how to eat while travel, work and school. In the end you will know about the healing power and energetic effect of food.


Ayurvedic specialists use mainly natural remedies. Some of the herbs and spices are from the kitchen. We also use 

dietary supplements like minerals, vitamins and probiotics, which are very effective in deficiencies. All remedies are from sources that are aligned with the European quality standards and from ethical origin. If allopathic medicine is necessary, we will integrate them to your treatment. Later we substitute them with natural substances or leave them. 

Dein Tagesablauf Tagesroutine im Ayurveda
Ayuvedische Ernährung


Everyone has his/her own rhythm. In my consultation, we will talk about your physical and mental basic needs based on your constitution and current health situation. Together we will structure your day in perfect harmony with your job and other interests. 


According your nature and current energy level we will decide, which activities are good and necessary for you at the moment and what fits into your daily schedule.

In this way you gain more energy than you are loosing. This could be something that relaxes you after a hard work day like a walk in the nature. Even holiday planning needs to be planned according to your health situation. 


Physical personal training is part of the treatment. The exercises are mostly from Yoga. In our sessions we will practice energizing exercises according to your constitution and current health situation.

Your hormones and your digestive powers are activated and your energies get directed into their natural flow. These individualized workout cycles don’t take much time. You can practice them at home, at work and even on travel in a small hotel room.


Meditation is both, reprogramming your mindset as well as connecting with your universal energy source. Scientific studies have shown, that regular Meditation increases the formation of neurohormones, which are energizing, regenerating and rejuvenating body and mind. In addition, the stress level reduces instantly. Neuronal activities in the brain, which are responses to emotional habits, can be deleted and rebuilt by frequent Meditation. For severe diseases like Burnout, heart attack, stroke, cancer or high blood pressure, Meditation is the best medicine in the world.

Step by step I will guide you to deep meditation according to ancient Vedic techniques. This includes cleaning and energizing your Chakras. Over time you will experience an expansion of your consciousness. You will be calmer, balanced and much happier. You gain clarity and will be very efficient at work. Fear and conflicts dissolve, which makes your wings grow. This allows you to go beyond your limits, unfold all your potentials and realize your goals.