Ayurvedic cures at home have many advantages: You can stay in your familiar environment and possibly continue working. Together we will plan and prepare your treatment according to your constitution, current state of health and your life situation. This could be for cleansing, detox, strengthening or Anti-Aging for adults and children.


Together we plan your cure. I will explain and prepare you which food you need, what kind of supplements and manual therapy to take as well as physical and mental exercises. A cooperation with therapeuts and clinic in or near by Berlin would be great. 

In case of complex diseases I recommend cures in an ayurvedic medical clinic in India, Sri Lanka or any part of the

World where experienced specialists are offering cures. Check:

• Panchakarma Clinic JS Ayurveda Mahavidyala (www.nadiadayurveda.org in India)

• Ayurveda Health and Spa Center in Birstein (www.rosenberg-ayurveda.de)