Ayurveda für Kinder in Berlin


Children are very sensitive and may suffer from this stressful world. They need to calm down in order to grow up with a healthy body and a healthy mind. The pediatric discipline in Ayurveda, called Balaveda, guides us, what is best for a child. This includes treatment of symptoms and diseases, nutrition, supplements, activities, exercises and the right daily routine according to the constitution, current state of health and life situation of a child. In Balaveda also universal recommendations are given for perfect education. 

In my practice in Berlin I work with children of all ages with the methods of Ayurveda and Yoga. It does not matter if your child suffers from a physical or mental disease like allergies and digestion problems or hyperactivity and disturbances in growth, sleep, learning and concentration. Ayurveda has a solution for all ailments. 

In our meeting I will check the nature and current health of your child. Together we will optimize the food and structure the day by implementing healthy habits and activities in your child’s life with exercises from Yoga, Meditation or free playtime. For a healthy physical and mental development your child needs to express him/herself freely and learn without any pressure. I will also give you ideas, how to prepare nourishing and delicious food for your child at home, for the Kindergarten or school and on travel.