“Knowledge of life” is the Sanskrit translation for Ayurveda. It is a deep and divine knowledge, that has been received in meditation by sages, called the Vedas, many thousands of years ago in the area of ​​ancient India and Persia. Their wisdom is well documented in Vedic scriptures. This universal science is still taught in Ayurvedic Universities in India and all over the world. A beautiful knowledge which is based on universal principles,  independent of time and place. It provides us with very effective information how to deal with challenges of our modern life and how to be happy and healthy.

Ayurveda is very a systematic universal science which follows natural laws. The ancient sages recognized by observation of the nature and all beings that life arises from the five elements. Fire, water, earth, air and ether are getting materialized in form of the body, mind and soul by the three life energies, called Vata, Pitta and Kapha. These are the energies which control all functions of a living being, like breath, growth, metabolism and decay.

In true health all energies are in balance. Disturbances result in diseases that require treatment of all three energy-forms.


Ayurvedic medicine is based on a holistic approach considering the individual nature of a human being and his/her diseases. Every symptom and every illness is an expression of an imbalance of the life energies in the body, mind and soul. Therapeutical measures in Ayurveda are treating  the energetic imbalance in first place.

Which kind of treatments are needed is absolutely individual. They range from optimizing the nutrition and daily routine, massages, physical and mental exercises, cleansing and Meditation. The great advantage of this ancient health system is that it easily fits in any situation in our daily life. 


Benefit from the universal and timeless knowledge of Ayurveda and Yoga.These ancient systems know more about human nature then the medical healthcare system of today.


Yoga is always part of Ayurveda. Both wisdom traditions have common roots in the Vedic wisdom and complement one another. The Yoga way is said is more spiritual and Ayurveda more physical. Yoga exercises support the flow of the life energies and remove blockages. Together with mental exercises, like meditation, they bring clarity and access to higher levels of consciousness. 

Yogatherapy focuses on cleaning and strengthening the Chakras, our energy centers. Emotional traumata are stored in the Chakras for many generations. They lead to blockages, which are the actual cause of illness. Main techniques are breathing exercises, called Pranayama in Yoga, and positive mental alignment which rebalance the energy very effective and fast.


In Ayurveda and Yoga, Meditation has top priority for achieving and maintaining absolute health as well as happyness and fulfillment in life. There are different Meditation-techniques like breathing, reciting and listening to Mantras and sounds, which vibrate on high energy-levels. These frequencies are connecting us with the source of our universal life-energies which gives us unlimited power. With sincere training we can also direct these omnipotent energies to heal ourselves or others and get deep insights about our Dharma, our destiny is in this life.

If we follow our destiny extraordinary energies will be released. They give us strength to implement our wishes and goals for the better of Mother Earth and all beings.