Kalpana Bandecar Ärztin für Ayurvedische Medizin, Meditation und Yogatherapie


I am a holistic physician specialized in Ayurveda Medicine and Yogatherapy. Since 2004 I am working in Hanover and Berlin in my private practice. 

  • Born 1966 in Hanover/Germany ׀ Indian descent ׀ Family with ayurvedic tradition

  • Study of Human Medicine at Hannover Medical University (MHH)

  • Doctorate and scientific publications on the subject of Leukemia (MDS)

  • Clinical work as a physician in Internal Medicine. Cardiology. Gynecology and Obstetrics

  • Training in Ayurveda Medicine at the European Academy for Ayurveda (EAA) in Birstein

  • Study and Clinical work in Ayurveda Medicine/Panchakarma at P.D.Patel Ayurvedic Hospital, Nadiad in India  

  • Training in Hatha and Kriya Yoga and Yogatherapy in India in various schools

  • Private practice for Ayurveda Medicine and Yogatherapy in Hanover

  • Training in classical European Herbal Medicine in Switzerland

  • Lecturer in Ayurveda Medicine at the European Academy for Ayurveda (EAA)

  • External consultant for Ayurveda for Arosa Tourism Group

  • Medical Journalism at the University of Applied Sciences in Hanover

  • Publication of the Book Ayurveda for Children ( AT-Verlag ) with Kerstin Rosenberg

  • Various yoga projects for children at schools and public institutions in Hanover and surrounding area

  • Publication of various articles in medical journals, Ayurveda Journal and Naturarzt

  • Publication of the Book Absolutely Hot and Healthy

  • Lecturer at Hannover Medical University (MHH)

  • Editor of the Lifestyle Magazine Happy New Earth

I see myself as a bridge between the old and new worlds and systems that complement each other in a wonderful way.


I was brought up in two worlds: in the modern world of Europe and in the Indian-Vedic universe of my ancestors. I know about curries and ginger tea as well as about Nutella, pizza and french fries. Even my medical knowledge derives from two systems: the scientifically-oriented western Human Medicine and the ancient holistic Ayurveda and Yoga. 

The holistic way of living is in my genes. It is part of daily lifestyle since my early childhood. Being far away from India, My Indian parents helped me to implement a daily routine and to integrate healthy habits in Germany.  They taught me to focus on my health and to correct an imbalance before a disease develops.

As a child I wanted to know all about human nature. For that reason I became a physician, like many in my family. Many years I practiced in various hospitals in the disciplines of Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Surgery, Emergency Medicine, Gynecology and Obstetrics.

I am very grateful for the experiences I made. They brought me closer to the diversity of human nature – with all  joy and sorrows. It also revealed the limits of the conventional medicine system to me. Especially when it comes to chronic diseases, where symptoms are treated in the first place, but rarely the main cause of the disease.


In order to have a better communication with my patients and to educate them, I studied medical Journalism. Since then I have published many articles on medical and ayurvedic journals. I have written two books and created the lifestyle magazine HAPPY NEW EARTH

One day I got a request to write an article about Ayurveda for a medical magazine. At the same time the movie “Ayurveda – the Art of Being” by Pan Nalin came to the cinemas. I went with my mom. This movie was absolutely transforming for me. The content was very familiar to me and hit me right in the heart. I finally found the ultimate healthcare system, I was always looking for such a long time. A medical system, that has a holistic approach and treats the causes of a disease naturally, following the universal laws of nature. While watching the movie I took the final decision to dedicate my life to Ayurveda and Yoga.


The rest of the story is told quickly. After two months I participated in a basic seminar for Ayurveda in Zürich. There I met my teacher, the famous Ayurveda physician Dr. SN Gupta, who manages a Panchakarma clinic and University for Ayurveda in India/Nadiad. He invited me to learn Ayurveda in an original institution in India.

Within four years I learned about the Vedas and classic Ayurveda Medicine with elements of Yogatherapy, like it has been practiced since many thousands years. Daily practice of reciting old Sanskrit texts and Mantras as well as Meditation for many hours, opened the door to an universe of infinite deep knowledge for me.


Back in Germany, I founded my first practice of Ayurveda Medicine and Yogatherapy in Hanover. In the beginning, it was quite difficult to integrate the ayurvedic healthy habits to the german lifestyle, where work and stress are dominating. I had to come up with some good ideas. The results are ingenious and very effective solutions which are absolutely suitable for our hectic life in the West and take only little time.